Prices for 2021 Electric Motion models are current to October 2020

Ex EV Moto Workshop- Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

To order, EV Moto requires deposit to order your bike from next available production from the EM factory. Your bike is built then air or sea freighted to Australia. For more information email Richard from the 'contact us' button in the menu.

Escape Lite 1.9kw Air$15900 Sea$13900 order deposit $3500

Escape 2.7kw Air$17500 Sea$15500 order deposit $4000

Escape R 2.7kw Air$19000 Sea$17000 order deposit $4500

E Pure Lite 1.9kw Air$14700 Sea$12700 order deposit $3000

E Pure Sport 1.9kw Air$17000 Sea$15000 order deposit $3500

E Pure Race 1.9kw Air$18200 Sea$16200 order deposit $4000