Prices for 2021 Electric Motion Escape and E Pure- April 2021 shipment of Electric Motion are close to all reserved for respective owners across Australia. Next shipment of EM 2022 models is arriving September 2021, followed by another shipment in January 2022...


Unresrved bikes from April 21 shipment-

Electric Motion E Pure Race ($16200)

Electric Motion E Pure Lite ($12900 incl PRB)

To order- Deposit of $500 to secure your EM. Prices are ex EV Moto workshop, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

Contact Richard Kent for ordering EM bikes and parts via 'Contact Us'

2021 EM Escape and E Pure brochures available, click 'Contact Us'

Prices for 2021 Escape and E Pure models-

Escape Lite 1.9kw $14000

Escape 2.7kw $15500

Escape R 2.7kw $17000

E Pure Lite 1.9kw $12900 # including PRB lever option

E Pure Sport 1.9kw $14900

E Pure Race 1.9kw $16200 # diaphragm mechanical clutch