EM Parts prices-
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EM Genuine Parts

Plastics/ Decals/ Body Work-

Rear Fender Pure/Escape $127

Rear Fender decal Pure/Escape $45

Rear Fender EM 14-19 $127 black

Front Fender EM all models $84 black

Seat Base Pure/Escape $173 

Seat Base Undertray Pure/Escape $119

Top Cover E Pure $107

Top Cover Escape $209

Escape Kit Support to convert E Pure $985

Seat for Escape $310

Complete Decal kit for all models EM $304

Shark Fin for rear sprocket $15

Silent Block Pure/Escape $52

Electronic Parts at Handlebar-

Throttle Assembly all models EM $180

Foam Battery Indicator Pure/Escape $97

PRB 'R' complete assembly $414

PRB complete lever assembly $486

PRB sensor harness only $134

Lanyard magnet switch $112

Map switch Pure/Escape 20-21 $70

Map switch Pure/Escape 22 $141

LED map indicator Pure/Escape 20-21 $58


Battery charger unit for all models EM $630

Rear Brake Pedal all models EM $145

Rear Brake Pedal special bush and bolt $32

Master Cylinders for all brake/ clutch systems $218

Front Sprocket all models EM $58

     Pure Race/Escape R- 11T only

     Pure/Escape 10T, 11T

Rear Sprocket all models EM $275

     standard is 57T optional 49T or 59T 

Chain 428 pitch all models EM $120

Brake/ Clutch Braktech levers only all models $60 

Brake Pads all models OEM Galfer $58 

Footrests all models $140

Handlebar all models Silver $136

EM genuine hand guards $140

Wheel Bearings- 6004 st/steel $15 each

Suspension Bearings- for dog bones $12 each