EV  Moto- Australian importers of Electric Motion Trials and Free-Ride bikes

The #1 reason why there is a growing number of EM riders-
The general public are not bothered by the noise-pollution associated with petrol bikes.
Therefore, you can ride your 
EM more often and in many more riding areas.

Below are images and information about EM in Australia 2014-2019 

Jeff Brown on his EM Sport 

2016 EM Lite

EM Australia spare parts-
We stock many of the spare parts specific for EM Trial models to keep you out there riding.
EM Australia technical support-
Richard Kent's knowledge of EM is based on many hours of free-riding and competition riding experience on these revolutionary electric machines. Any questions ?-
p 0405 631 655
Valerie on her EM
Richard Kent's EM Competition Trial Results-
2016 Queensland Championship- Master 1st
2016 Australian Championship- Master 2nd
2017 Trial Club of Queensland Easter 2-day- A grade 1st
2016/ 2018/ 2019 South Queensland Trials Association- Div 0- 1st 
2018 Victorian Championship-
A grade 1st
2018 Australian Championship-
Trial 2 class- 3rd
2019 NSW Championship-
Master- 1st
All against petrol bike riders