EV  Moto- Australian importers of Electric Motion Trials and Free-Ride bikes

The #1 reason why there is a growing number of EM riders-
The general public are not bothered by the noise-pollution associated with petrol bikes.
Therefore, you can ride your 
EM more often and in many more riding areas.
Jeff Brown on his EM Sport 

2016 EM Lite

With a foot brake, the right foot has to point down, going down hill. Ideally, the right foot should be a level platform in this situation.

EM Australia spare parts-
We stock many of the spare parts specific for EM Trial models to keep you out there riding.
EM Australia technical support-
Richard Kent's knowledge of EM is based on many hours of free-riding and competition riding experience on these revolutionary electric machines. Any questions ?-
p 0405 631 655
Handle bar rear brake now available as factory fitted option for all EM 2018 models
EM Australia's All Electric Fleet
Valerie on her EM
Richard Kent's EM Competition Trial Results-
2016 Queensland Championship- Master 1st
2016 Australian Championship- Master 2nd
2017 Trial Club of Queensland Easter 2-day- A grade 1st
2016/ 2018 South Queensland Trials Association- Div 0- 1st 
2018 Victorian Championship-
A grade 1st
2018 Australian Championship-
Trial 2 class 3rd
All against petrol bike riders

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