Why go electric ?

# Smooth, easy to control electric motor with impressive torque...

# No burning your body parts, no fuel to leak out, no gearbox/ carb/ air filter/ exhaust pipe/ cylinder to maintain.

# Simple to control = improved riding technique as you have more time to think about body position, suspension and brake control.

# Cheaper to own in the medium to long term of use.

# Easy to charge- any standard power point is now your fuel station, even better if you have home solar system

# It takes less 'human' rider energy to pilot one of these machines, perhaps due to less vibration, not having to constantly operate the clutch, gearbox or kick-starting. Keeping the control functions simple has unexpected benefits. 

# The key to improving your riding level is to ride the bike more, an EM opens the opportunity to ride in more places, therefore, more often. (for example, at home in the driveway)