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Why Go Electric?

Electric Vehicles are the future and there's no fighting the wave of demand for environmentally sustainable motorcycles

The electric vehicle market is still in the early stages in Australia, but with the rising cost of fuel prices and consumer demand for environmentally sustainable fuel sources, we are seeing an increasing popularity in EV's and electric motorcycles.


Early 2022 has seen state governments release a number financial incentives for new Electric Vehicle owners - these only apply to electric cars for the time being, but we are expecting to see these incentives reach new electric motorcycle owners as their popularity increases.


Here are our top reasons why you should go electric

Electric Motorcycles are a smooth ride with motors that provide greater control with impressive torque.

With no over heating parts, there is no risk of burning your body parts. And with no fuel to leak out, no gearbox, carburettor, air filter, exhaust pipe or cylinder to maintain the chances of something going wrong decreases substantially. This also means fewer maintenance costs. 

Simple controls with improved speed controls. For trial and free riders, this means improved riding technique as you have more time to think about body position, suspension and brake control. 

By nature, electric motorcycles are cheaper to own in the medium to long term of use. As we mentioned above, the costs of maintenance are lower, but the costs to run is also very cheap.

Easy to charge - any standard power point is now your fuel station, even better if you have home solar system. If you have solar power on your home you can run your motorcycle at basically no cost. Check out this article on how to charge electric vehicles using just solar power.

It takes less 'human' rider energy to pilot one of these machines, perhaps due to less vibration, not having to constantly operate the clutch, gearbox or kick-starting. Keeping the control functions simple has unexpected benefits. 

The key to improving your riding level is to ride the bike more, an EM opens the opportunity to ride in more places, therefore, more often. (for example, at home in the driveway)


Electric Motion Electric Motorycles

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